Happy New Year

Tuesday December 31, 2013


 Above is a selection of my artwork in 2013

Well I am happy to say 2013 was an amazing year. I've had great opportunities in both my personally and professionally and  been blessed to work on some amazing projects with some very special clients.  I think this year has brought a good deal of growth for me artistically and for that I am thankful. There has been some restructuring at Graceland Tattoo which has created a more positive work environment which is always a welcomed change. We've added a lot of high quality tattoo flash to the walls of the tattoo parlor and are collecting & painting more as time goes by. This coming year I plan to paint a good number of sheets to include images that seem to be missing in my current collection. Tomorrow starts a new year and I'll be greating the world with a new perspective. Thank you to everyone who has helped to shape my work thus far. The biggest thanks of all goes to my wife Keely and our two daughters. See you next year.