Many things to be grateful for.

Sunday June 15, 2014

In 2001 I began my apprenticeship and in time purchased my first tattoo machines. I needed a liner and a shader. When the time came for a liner I turned to the Mickey Sharpz Micror Dial. I think I just made the cut off as I have heard those machines have progressively gone down hill through the years. Though that machine has been rebuilt I still use it periodically; it's a good little machine. The shader I bought was a brass walker frame made by Seth Ciferri. That machine is still in my regular rotation and I turn to it often. Through out my career I have continued to buy many machines built by Seth and find them tobe quality tools...instruments really. They are stylish, dependable and rugged.  I feel a certain to connection to machines he makes and have tremendouse respect for him and his contribution to the craft of tattooing. I remember the days of Reade Street Tattoo and the online forum.  I always had such respect for the tattooers that worked there. And a few years back I was able to collect a tattoo by him.  And then again sat as his student in a machine tuning seminar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Key Stone, Colorado. His game changing Flash set he painted with Adam Barton hangs in my shop proudly. I am a supporter of his wares and a fan of his art, so I was really blown away when he decided to come and make some tattoos with us one day at Graceland Tattoo a few weeks ago. All I can say is it was an honor to have him visit the tattoo parlor. He made some really great tattoos, starting off the day with a vintage pattern of a frog and snake that I had never seen. I was killer. He then made a beautiful gypsy gal on a woman he had tattooed  at the Philly Convention some 15 years ago. He finished the long day with a classic Ciferri rose in pink and blue. The guy is a work horse, a hustler and an amazing craftsman. He even through a few shims of torn legal tender under a few coils for a friend who needed some help tuning a machine. I can say having Seth come for a day and tattoo along side us was one of the coolest moments and best memories I have made while a part of this trade. As the evening came to a close Seth gifted me a machine. The new version of his Weiner Dog Liner. I cannot begin to tell you what that meant to me. I am humbled and grateful and will cherish that machine for years to come. If you are a tattooer and like a punchy liner that runs at a good clip you should consider the new weiner dog. The geometry really lends itself to making strong lines. It's versatile and comfortable. He's also doing some new rad things using an antimicrobial coating on his machines that can help keep your machines sanitary.  You can find machines and other things at If you happen to read this Seth, Thank you.

This weekend I will be at the Empire State Tattoo Expo put on by Inked Magazine. I will be taking walk ups and have many desogns to choose from. If you would like to make an appointment you can do so by emailing

The following week I will be spending a few days with the fine folks of Off the Map Tattoo again. I will be bringing a big book of designs I would like to tattoo. Sunday the 29th is booked but I have time Monday the 30th. Let's connect and make a power totem to help you on your journey.