More great things happening.

Wednesday June 25, 2014

The Empire State Tattoo Expo was exceptional. Stefano and the production team put together an amazing 1st annual convention. There was so much talent, so many unique artist and a ton of great energy. Creativity was in the air all weekend long. The days were long but well worth it. I saw so many friends and had the priveledge of meeting a lot of great people. 

I'm gearing up for a few days at Off the Map: North East. I will be doing an interview with Ben Licatta for TattooNow TV. I'll be making tattooed on June 29th and 30th. When I retunr I will be hosting Pittsburgh based tattooer, Erik Von B. Erik is one of my favorite artists who's making some really powerful images on paper and on skin. Erik will be working alongside us at Graceland Tattoo July 2 and 3.