Changes in my work schedule and approach

Sunday November 02, 2014

The early part of 2015 will mark my 14th year as a tattooer. Througout the span of those 5,000 plus days I have consistantly worked 6 days a week. Over the years I have made attempted to reduce my tattooing to 5 days a week but could never seem to stick to that. A few months ago I decided I have no choice but to demand of myself a 5 day work week. The physical and emotional drain on a 6 day work week tattooing each of those days has taken it's toll on me and I will not let that continue. With that, I have decided to dedicate one day per week to managing the business side of Graceland Tattoo. With the latest addition of Cookie and soon to start Miranda Lorberer formerly of Pop's Tattoo Emporium in Kingston, NY I am finally poised to direct my attention in a more focused manner. By allowing myself two days of rest  and family time with another  day for business administration and time for artwork I believe my tattooing will grow and Graceland Tattoo will continue to flourish. I am phasing in my new tattoo schedule which is as follows; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12-8 pm. I will be in the tattoo parlor 9-5 on Wednesdays and will be available for consultations. I thank all of my clients both past and present and I hope you will see this is done in an effort to give each of you the best of me. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.