Back from Hell City

Thursday September 01, 2011

So my trip to Phoenix went well. It was hot as hell but Durb and the rest of the Hell City team did a great job. I saw some friends and made some new ones. I did a lot of drawing and did a few cool tattoos. Gabe, Brian and the rest of the TattooNOW/ Off the Map team were super welcoming. Ben, Chloe, Kelly and Tim did some awesome tattoos and I shared my booth with Ivanna. She was killing it all Weekend. It was great to be a part of it.

I spent this morning doing interviews for on how to get a custom tattoo and how to choose the art that is right for you.

Now I am preparing to have Ty McEwen back for a three day stint. He'll be doing some rad tattoos and then it is off to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering.