Saturday November 05, 2011

So I had an amazing time at Off the Map Tattoo. it was an honor to be among on the roster of guest artist they cycle through all year long. Shop manager Mary Bowen is top notch as and Tim Baldwin is always awesome. Owner Gabe Ripley is a hell of a guy and the owner of Off the MapTattoo as well as Tattoo Now.  He also heads the Paradise Tattoo Gathering and artist Retreat. It's clear that he gets tremendous support from some key players on his staff.  I always have a blast hanging out with my friend Brian Coperthite of Tattoo Now. Of course the tattoo crew is top notch. Chloe, Kelly, Max and Tim are awesome to work with. Kelly Doty and I worked on a collaborative tattoo. A traditional woman's head done in the "Coleman style" with a modern take on a headress made of racoon. It was a blast and I think the two uf us came up with something great. It was important to me that I brought  a very simple design to the table; one that had a real antique feel. Since I knew it would be juxtapose to Kelly's work I wanted to be sure my end was not very sophisticated. It was an awsome experience and I look forward to returning. i am so thankful for the opportunity. By the way, if you are out that way and want a killer breakfast (Vegie or vegan in particular) go to The Green Bean. Gabe, his daughter and I was AMAZING!