There's been a change in my schedual

Monday August 06, 2012

Like many tattooers, I worked 6 days a week for nearly a decade. When Keely and I had our first daughter we decided it would be best for me to take an additional day off each week. It's important for me to be home with my family  to watch my girls grow up. Unfortunately, I've never really been able to adhere to a five day work week. I've allowed myself to be pulled in several directions and I often find myself tattooing before we open & coming in on my days off. It's becoming too much.

As a business owner and a fulltime tattooer there is a lot of work that comes home with me. I find myself working early in the morning before my work day starts and staying up late after the day is over. I'm lucky to be busy and so grateful to have loyal clients and steadfast friends. I'm feeling burnt out and that is not an option. So I have some up with a solution. I'm going to stick to having two days off and I'm going to make sure of that. In addition, I will no longer be taking appointments on Tuesdays. I will be at Graceland Tattoo for administrative purposes and to prepare for my upcoming and in progress tattoo projects. This is a step I need to take and if the time comes when I need to reevaluate my schedual I will and if I need to ad another day of tattooing I will certainly do it. Nothing is ever set in stone but I need to find a balance. I need to be a husband, be a dad and make art for the sake of making art. 

Thank you