Wednesday May 15, 2013

So things went well in Rochester at the Roc City Tattoo Expo. We had a lot of good times and made some cool tattoos. We came home to welcome Ty McEwen back to Graceland Tattoo. He's a good friend and a great artist. It's always a pleasure to have him in the tattoo parlor bringing his unique style of bio organic and color realism to Wappingers Falls. Toward the tail end of Ty's visit Clifton Boggs, of Eulogy Tattoo, came by to make some tattoos for the day. It was a reall cool thing, I've been a fan of Cliftons work for quite a while. With a little luck, he will be back. I'll be hosting Jeff Johnson yet again in July as well as Pittsburgh tattooer Joe Thompson. Check back for dates. This is a little tattoo I made while in Rochester.