Stefano to visit Graceland Tattoo

Sunday July 28, 2013

All tattoos above were made by Stefano Alcantara.

Joe Thompson just finished up his 3 days at Graceland Tattoo. He finished up 3 long days with a killer shark on Brian, the shop manager. It was nice to have his up beat energy in the shop. Hosting a guest artist is a great way to bring new blood into the tattoo parlor. I think it's has a real positive impact to those of us that work at Graceland day in and day out. It' can be a nice shot in the arm. 

I'm proud to say the great Stefano Alcantara will be with us July 30th-August 2nd. For those who don't know, Stefano is an accomplished painter and a phenom in the tattoo community. He's also a very kind and humble person. It's a true privilege to have him make tattoos with us at Graceland. 

Just a reminder; California tattooer Jeff Johnson will be returning for a second time. Jeff has many years in the craft and has a wide array of abilities. I'm really looking forward to Jeff's stay here.